This is the home page for the high resolution timers project.

This projects objective is to produce code that the community will embrace as a welcome addition to the linux kernel. We plan to address all issues relating to time and alarm management in linux.

The code will be compliant with and will implement the POSIX 1003.1b Section 14 (Clocks and Timers) API.

We want to provide the same solution on all (or as many as possible) platforms. We depend on community involvement in this effort as it is unlikely that any one contributor will be able to provide implementations for more than a few platforms.

All of this work is being done under the GPL or LGPL.

Currently we have peliminary code for the x86 platforms. This, of course, implies that we have the core timer and system call code in place.

Your input is solicited and welcome.

Please join our mailing list and contribute your expertise.

At this time we are looking for help in generating code for additional platforms.

We also need early adoptors to walk the bleeding edge and give us feedback on what we did right and, more importantly, what we did wrong.

Our project page is here and it will lead you to the download page.

Our mail list archive and join up is here


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Thanks to for helping fund this project.

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